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Provident Energy helps you take full advantage of the deregulated energy market. Making an informed decision about alternative energy providers will help you reduce costs and increase profits. We negotiate for you and recommend low-cost, reputable energy providers that best meet your needs. With no up-front commitment required, you are at no risk to have Provident Energy help you start saving today.

Mega-aggregation of energy demand

Mega-aggregation simply means that we combine all of our client's energy requirements to operate as an "Energy Buyers Pool." By leveraging the combined buying power of all clients,    we are able to achieve lower-prices from energy suppliers.

Individual, customized savings analysis

Each client is presented with a customized savings analysis that is designed to meet their needs.  If our offer is accepted, we assist clients with budget preparation that accounts for all cost reductions achieved. Our efforts don't stop there.  We also provide clients with savings "snapshots" that reflect precise savings based on actual data.  Clients can then visualize exactly how much they are saving over time.


When we negotiate on your behalf, we work with a wide range of suppliers and our fee is written into the agreement. You will see exactly how we are compensated by each energy supplier.


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Discover real time market trends that impact your bottom line.

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