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2016/2017 PJM Interconnection Auction Results

Surprisingly high levels of imports combined with a strong showing from new generators and flat demand led to lower-than-expected clearing prices in the PJM Interconnection capacity auction for delivery year 2016/2017, according to analysts.

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Spot natural gas prices of $3.50/Mcf to $4.50/Mcf appear to be sweet spot for producers: FERC staff

Spot natural gas prices in a range of $3.50/Mcf to $4.50/Mcf appear to be in a sweet spot for producers where demand is not driven out of the market and production levels are sustained, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staff said Thursday at FERC's meeting

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Lower prices likely in PJM auction: Barclays

Clearing prices in the PJM Interconnection's capacity auction for delivery year 2016/2017 will probably be down from last year's prices, Barclays said in a Monday report.

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Lower-48 gas output up 1.3% in February: EIA

Gas production in the Lower-48 states rose 1.3% from January to February, the Energy Information Administration reported Tuesday

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