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Our innovative consulting process is guaranteed to save you money

Developing an efficient energy strategy requires a detailed analysis of your current energy consumption. Provident Energy's proven consulting process is essential in helping you identify your greatest cost-reduction opportunities.

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Our consulting procedure includes:

  • Identifying cost reduction opportunities
  • Supporting the development of planned or already approved projects
  • Reviewing proposed savings against realized savings through pre-approved measurement and verification protocols
  • Mapping energy usage at your facilities for benchmarking comparisons against industry standards and identification of critical areas for efficiency reviews
  • Solar sizing and impact analysis
  • Solar Power Purchase agreement review
  • Energy cost optimization through operating hours reassessment (4-day workweek, 1st shift vs. 2nd shift vs. 3rd shift, on-off peak, etc.)

Our consulting service is a no-risk guarantee that is the first step in revamping your energy plan.  Learn how your company can benefit today! 

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